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CV gegevens

  • Plaats: Enschede
  • Laatste update CV: 04-06-2020
  • Branche: Accountancy / Financieel, Detailhandel / Retail, Techniek / Industrie, Advies / Consultancy, Management / Directie
  • Werkniveau: HBO
  • Werkervaring: 1 - 3 jaar ervaring
  • Dienstverband: Vast contract, Detachering/Interim, Freelance, Thuiswerk, Stage, Bijbaan
  • Rijbewijs: Ja
  • Leeftijd: 28 (17-05-1992)
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VBA, Microsoft Office,

Gewenste functie

Strategy, Consulting, Business Analyst, Reporting Analyst, Pre-Sales Consultant

Persoonlijke motivatie

 While working with Accenture, I got curious to understand how a business is run, what are the various aspects of business and the decision making related to it. I also got curious to know what makes an organization the industry leader, how they sustain their position, how they manage their finances, and how they utilize the day-to-day data into driving their actions. This has inspired me to pursue my MBA (finance) and look for a role that could provide me with such exposure. I started working with Infosys BPM as a Corporate Strategy Analyst, and since then the journey has been an exponential curve of learning. I received many appreciations from the manager and the CXOs for quick turnover in cases of urgent requirements and the Point of View generated for the internal audience.
I have a total of around 3+ years of work experience in revenue (delivery) and cost (management) side of the business. Post my MBA, I have worked in strategy teams which demanded a lot of interaction with CXOs and senior leaderships on daily basis to understand their view on the market, any new opportunity etc. and a lot of time was spent on translating and backing those views with market research to come up with meaningful PoVs. These PoVs were further taken as strategic projects to improve the processes and / or referred during annual strategy refresh workshop for deciding the strategic focus for future. As part of strategy team, we used to track our competitors in terms of their acquisitions, financial performance, deals won etc. from the primary and secondary sources.We used to gather and interpret variety of data (primary and secondary research, quantitative and qualitative data, etc.) to help the organization improve the quality of deliverables and decision making. We have created dashboards (using Excel, PowerBI) to present the business information to help executives and others understand the operational impact.
I believe the offered role will help me improve my business understanding and excel in the field of strategy. My analytical and story building capability will help pace-up on the expectations from the role. I have recently moved to the Netherlands to stay with my partner, and hence actively looking for job opportunities here. I have a strong communication skills with a knack for clear and illuminating presentation.I enjoy facing challenges and being part of a motivated team of smart people. A full-time position at Strategy & would certainly be a great opportunity for me to gain greater involvement and increased responsibility over time in the most interesting and challenging professional environment. Given the opportunity, I will prove to be an asset to the company.

Overall, I believe I am someone who can act as a fun element in the team while maintaining the dedication required for work. My attitude towards my work is something that stands me out from others, and with my competency and dynamism, I can make a significant contribution to your company. Thank you for considering my application and I would be happy to discuss my experience and motivation at an interview.I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Understanding the requirements of market, I have also enrolled for Dutch A1 level and I am available to start immediately.
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